Court Garden Hotel Den Haag

Laan van Meerdervoort 96
2517 AR  Den Haag
Tel. +31703114000 / Fax +31703114001

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20:28 | 16.2°C

Entree in de avond

20:28 | 16.2°C

Uitzicht over Den Haag

20:28 | 16.2°C

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About us


The three-star ecodesigned Court Garden Hotel has several special features:

It is the first and most sustainable hotel in The Netherlands that has an official Green Certificate of the Ministry of Environment, the Energylabel A+ and the Green Key Gold label.

Hotel Sebel

Hotel Sebel, located at the Prins Hendrikplein, has existed for 32 years and is an established name in The Hague. With an entry in the Michelin Guide, Hotel Sebel stands for quality. After the renovation of Hotel Sebel, the owners were looking for a new challenge, namely an expansion. This they found in the building on the Laan van Meerdervoort 96.

As well as Court Garden Hotel, Hotel Sebel also managed to get the Green Key Gold certificate.


"Court Garden Hotel will distinguish itself by presenting itself as the warmest and most enduring hotel in The Hague."

  • Court Garden is committed to give its guests the most cordial service.
  • Court Garden offers its guests a total package: accommodation, organic breakfast and meeting rooms.
  • Court Garden offers its guests an ecological stay, designer accommodation in an ecodesigned environment, an Energylabel A building, with only the use of green energy, triple glazing and all current energy conservation measures such as using LEDs, motion sensors, timers, saving water, etc. The hotel makes maximum use of Fairtrade and/or organic products, including organic breakfast, drinks, salads and organic soap and shower products.