Court Garden Hotel Den Haag

Laan van Meerdervoort 96
2517 AR  Den Haag
Tel. +31703114000 / Fax +31703114001

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Entree in de avond

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Uitzicht over Den Haag

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Perfect Green

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The rooms



56.3 % reduction of carbon footprint
52.3 % reduction of gas usage
57.9 % reduction of electricity usage


The three star eco-designed Court Garden Hotel has a number of unique features.

It is the first and most sustainable hotel in The Netherlands with an official green approval from the Minister of the Environment designated an Energy label A+ with a Green Key Gold Seal which is soon to be an European Eco label.


This hotel is completely insulated to keep the cold, heat and noise to a minimum so you can enjoy your stay at a comfortable temperature and in a relaxing, quiet environment.

Electricity and Gas

The entire hotel uses green energy. Electricity is saved using a keycard energysaving device, all electricity will be turned off when you leave and it even turns off the Led TV.

Energy saving bulbs including, LED, PL, TL are used throughout the hotel.

Also, electricity is reduced by using sensor lighting both inside and outside the hotel.

Air and heating control

The air temperature inside the hotel is a comfortable 20˚C, so you have no need to alter the thermostat in your room.

The heating system uses a gas absorption warming pump which is more energy efficient than a regular heating system. It uses the outside air as a heat source.

Green transportation

Court Garden Hotel offers green choices in transportation. The hotel has its own private parking behind the hotel, a garage close by and thirty bicycles are available on site to rent.

Our staff can also provide you with information about easy access to our excellent public transportation in the city and in the region.


We work with 100% organic and fair-trade products. As a result we received the 100% EKO-trade certificate on February 16th, 2012.

You can look forward to a healthy breakfast with a variety of biological and fair-trade products including fresh fruit, yogurts, cereals, breads, cheeses and meats.

In our lounge we offer an assortment of biological drinks and snacks as well as wines and spirits. Free coffee and tea are available throughout the day and evening.

A very sustainable renovation

During the renovation of the building superior energy saving materials were used in the heating, lighting, insulation, and air quality.

The special warming pump in our heating system ensures that less gas is used and dust particles are minimal.

Many materials in the existing building were recycled in the renovation. Almost all the lighting fixtures were recycled, beams and other interior materials were reused and even ceiling tiles received a new life in the back office.

Only FSC-certified wood or used wood has been used.

Local contractors

The building was completed by local experts in green solutions.

The firms in the region who assisted in the renovation include:

  • Verwol Projectbouw, FSC certified
  • Architect Larry de Jager
  • Binnenhuisarchitect Studio 30-36 and Heering Office

All three firms are located within the Hague area.

Their collective expertise has resulted in a sustainable, quality, eco designed green hotel.






"Thank you very much for all you did for us during our time at Court Garden Hotel - Ecodesigned. From providing directions around the city and advice on public transport to laundry service and bicycle rental, your help was always most generous and friendly. The breakfast was outstanding and the location excellent. I look forward to staying at your hotel again!"