Of course, everyone knows Scheveningen, the most popular beach in the Netherlands. But, you might be wondering now, what is there to do? There is something for everyone. You can of course just lay down on your towel and sunbathe for the day. No stress!

The easiest way to get to the beach is by tram number 1 towards Scheveningen. Then get off at the Kurhaus stop. As soon as you walk onto the beach along the Kurhaus, you will find the Pier. There is a lot to do on and around the Pier! You can enjoy shopping, sitting on a terrace, glow in the dark mini golf, go bowling, visit the casino and much more!

The area around the Kurhaus is also the busy part of Scheveningen. If you think that's all too touristy for you, then we have a golden tip for you. The beach is very long! Would you instead look for a quieter part? Then go a little further to the left or right side of the beach. In the harbor area, you will find the more sporty part. On the beach there you will usually see only the real 'Hagenezen' (residents of The Hague), so no tourists! Do you also want to play beach volleyball? Then go towards the harbor.

For the other quiet side, it is best to take tram 1 stop Scheveningen Terminus. Get out there to enjoy the peace. It will take you to the Zwarte Pad, the more hip part of the beach. Trendsetters, this is where you have to be!

The only thing we have not yet discussed are those great beach bars. We, from Court Garden Hotel, would like to give you a few tips for when you are looking for a lovely beach bar for a great bite.

De Staat

De Staat is known as the best beach bar in the Netherlands! It was appointed so in the first year it opened. Undoubtedly it has to do with the relaxed atmosphere and the excellent kitchen!

The Fat Mermaid

In addition to a funny name, this one is also highly recommended. An extensive menu, friendly service and beautiful views. What more could you want!

Strandclub WIJ

The typical beach bar in The Hague! You will find this one on the side of the harbor, and the real 'Hagenezen' (residents of The Hague) visit it!

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